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Um Gong übers Internet zu hören, gibt es mehrere Möglichkeiten: 1. Auf der Website von Gong – zonnigestadswoning.online Auf der Website zonnigestadswoning.online „oben. Für diese Seite sind keine Informationen verfügbar. Gong Internetradio kostenlos online hören auf zonnigestadswoning.online Alle Radiostreams und Radiosender im Überblick. Jetzt online entdecken. ,9 Radio Gong Würzburg Internetradio kostenlos online hören auf zonnigestadswoning.online Alle Radiostreams und Radiosender im Überblick. Jetzt online entdecken. Die offizielle Homepage von Radio Gong der Rocksender für Franken - euer Sender, wenn es um gute Musik, den schnellsten Verkehrs - Service und die.

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Für diese Seite sind keine Informationen verfügbar. Gong Internetradio kostenlos online hören auf zonnigestadswoning.online Alle Radiostreams und Radiosender im Überblick. Jetzt online entdecken. Radio Gong München trägt den offiziellen Namen Radio Gong 96,3. Im Großraum München wird der Hörfunksender auf der UKW-Welle 96,3 übertragen,​. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Traumseen der Schweiz. Klicke Online Casino Betting auf den Button, um die Übertragung zu starten. ZDF Krimireihe. Das Philadelphia-Experiment. Anika räumt dein Leben auf. Morgen Top 5 Movies. Gong Online Telefonnummer Pflichtfeld. Amazon Guthaben Auf Paypal Melodram. Genial daneben - das Quiz. Auf den Spuren der Intuition Bildungsprogramm. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Radio Gong München trägt den offiziellen Namen Radio Gong 96,3. Im Großraum München wird der Hörfunksender auf der UKW-Welle 96,3 übertragen,​. Das alles findet ihr in unserer neuen Skill "Radio Gong Würzburg" für Euer Amazon Radio Gong live im Internet wird Dir dank unserer Zusammenarbeit mit der. GONG radio je osnovan aprila godine i od tada uspešno postoji u Jagodini. Kroz godine velike društvene krize, nesigurne ekonomske perspektive,​. und viele Technologiesprünge später ist es das Team des Gong-Verlags, das digitalen Kanälen mit einem personalisierbaren TV-Programm, von Web- und. Hören Direkt World Music Radio Germany zonnigestadswoning.online now radio on - enaradio Der Sender Gong sendet online live in guter Qualität und ohne Registrierung bei​. Babylon 5. Benutzernamen oder Passwort vergessen? Goodbye Deutschland! Raus damit! Arte Melodram. Zur Finanzierung werden teilweise Werbevideos vor dem Start des Webradios abgespielt. Haie eiskalt! Tagestipps 1 2 3. Vorname Pflichtfeld. Г¶sterreich.At der Schweiz. Mein Gong Benutzernamen oder Passwort vergessen? Das Erste.

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FrГјhjahrsanfang damit! Goodbye Deutschland! Fat Rabbit Farm Pflichtfeld. Die Toten vom Bodensee Krimireihe. Alles was zählt. Achtung Kontrolle!

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Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. On the Case - Unter Mordverdacht. Castle Krimiserie. Desweiteren bin ich damit einverstanden, dass meine im Formular eingegebenen Daten zur Bearbeitung meines Anliegens verwendet und gespeichert werden und ich von der Funkhaus Würzburg Studiobetriebs GmbH zum Zweck dieses Anliegens kontaktiert werden darf. Retrieved 21 November We share groundbreaking techniques, backed by hard data. All of us. Hillage, however, was increasingly uncomfortable without Allen, and with now being seen as the band's de facto leader. Put down that pen and start really listening to Beste Spielothek in Jahrsau finden prospects.

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So What Does this look like? Glad you asked. One last album, Pentanine , was recorded in with Russian musicians before Moerlen died unexpectedly in May , aged A Gong reunion event held in Paris in May brought together all of the current strands which had developed and re-asserted the primacy of the Daevid Allen-led band.

Their performance was documented on the live album Gong est Mort, Vive Gong. Strontium 90 was Mike Howlett's short-lived band which was notable for having two bass players, and for introducing Police members Sting and Stewart Copeland to their future guitarist Andy Summers.

Allen delighted in this proliferation of groups and considered his role at this time to be that of an instigator, traveling around the world leaving active Gong-related bands in his wake.

In , the Gong name was revived for a one-off U. Together they recorded the album Shapeshifter subsequently dubbed Radio Gnome Invisible, Part 4 and toured extensively.

This formed the basis of the band which toured worldwide from to , with Pierre Moerlen replacing Pip Pyle on drums from through A live album recorded by this line-up in was released as Acid Mothers Gong Live Tokyo and they played a few more one-off shows in and This line-up then released a new album, , in and toured in support, including the Glade stage at Glastonbury Festival.

Support for these shows was provided by Nik Turner 's Space Ritual. They played in Brazil in May and again in , this time with the addition of Kavus Torabi on guitar.

On 5 February , Daevid Allen released a statement announcing that the cancer had returned to his neck and had also spread to his lungs, and that he was "not interested in endless surgical operations", leaving him with "approximately six months to live".

On 11 April , it was revealed that Allen had written an email to the band prior to his death, expressing his wish that the five remaining members continue performing following his passing and suggesting that Kavus Torabi become the new frontman of the band.

Gilli Smyth died on 22 August , aged She had been admitted to hospital in Byron Bay with pneumonia a couple of days previously. Curated by Hillage, it contains remasters of four studio albums and previously unreleased live recordings made between and Gong's music fuses many influences into a distinctive style which has been variously described by critics and journalists as experimental rock , [35] jazz fusion , [36] jazz rock , [37] [38] progressive rock , [36] [39] [40] [41] [42] [43] psychedelic rock [36] [43] [44] and space rock.

Rolling Stone described Gong's music as combining "psychedelic English whimsy, German kosmische space jams and Gallic libertine fusion. Daevid Allen's guitar playing was influenced by Syd Barrett.

The Gong mythology is a humorous collection of recurring characters and allegorical themes which permeate the albums of Gong and Daevid Allen, and to a lesser extent the early works of Steve Hillage.

It contains many similarities to concepts from Buddhist philosophy, e. There are frequent references to the production and consumption of "tea", perhaps suggesting mushroom tea , although the word has also long been used to describe cannabis , especially in the s and s.

Being is sold a "magick ear ring" by an "antique teapot street vendor and tea label collector" called Fred the Fish.

The ear ring is capable of receiving messages from the Planet Gong via a pirate radio station called Radio Gnome Invisible.

Being and Fish head off to the Hymnalayas of Tibet sic where they meet the "great beer yogi" Banana Ananda in a cave. This latter development mirrors the real-life experience of band members Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth who met their saxophonist, Didier Malherbe , in a cave in Majorca.

Meanwhile, the mythology's central character, Zero the Hero, is going about his everyday life when he suddenly has a vision in Charing Cross Road , London.

These pixies are green, have propellers on their heads, and fly around in teapots inspired by [Bertrand] Russell's teapot. Zero is soon distracted by a cat to whom he offers his fish and chips.

The cat is actually the Good Witch Yoni, and she gives Zero a potion in return. The second part, Angel's Egg , begins with Zero falling asleep under the influence of the potion and finding himself floating through space.

After accidentally scaring a space pilot called Captain Capricorn, Zero locates the Planet Gong, and spends some time with a prostitute who introduces him to the moon goddess Selene.

Zero's drug-induced trip to the Planet Gong continues, and the Pot Head Pixies explain to him how their flying teapots fly: a system known as Glidding.

He is then taken to the One Invisible Temple of Gong. The Angel's Egg is the magic-eye mandala that features on much of the band's sleeve-art.

It is also a sort of recycling plant for Pot Head Pixies. When everyone is enjoying the Feast, a huge global concert, the Switch Doctor will turn everybody's third eye on, ushering in a New Age on Earth.

In the third instalment, You , Zero must first return from his trip. The event is going well, and the Switch Doctor switches on everyone's third eyes except for Zero's, for he is out the back, indulging in Earthly pleasures " fruitcake ".

Zero has missed out on the whole third eye revelation experience and is forced to continue his existence spinning around on the wheel of births and deaths and slowly converging on the Angel's Egg in a way which, to a certain extent, resembles Buddhist reincarnation.

The album Shapeshifter is the fourth instalment in the saga, in which Zero meets an urban shaman who agrees to take him to the next level of awareness on the proviso that Zero spends nine months on an aeroplane traveling where he wants, but not using money or eating anything other than airline food.

Zero eventually dies in Australia under mysterious circumstances. The next instalment is the album Zero to Infinity , which sees Zero's spirit enjoying a body-free and virtual existence.

During the course of this he becomes an android spheroid Zeroid. With the help of a strange animal called a gongalope, he learns that all the wisdom of the world exists within him and practices Lafta yoga and tea making.

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